Founded in 2011, Triten Real Estate Partners (“TREP”) is a subsidiary of the Triten Corporation, an investment holding company dating back nearly seventy years with operating subsidiaries in energy, media, real estate and consumer goods.  With offices in Houston and Dallas, TREP focuses on special situations in real estate that provide superior risk adjusted returns. Leveraging its almost thirty years of project and construction management experience TREP is able to execute on complex development and capital projects. The company prides itself as being entrepreneurial and flexible to find investments through a disciplined research and market driven approach.

Investment and Development

Triten Real Estate Partners’ investment approach centers on finding opportunities to uniquely add value or take advantage of market inefficiencies. Utilizing creative structures or increasing value through a total re-position, the focus is always to diligently create value while remaining flexible to adapt to market conditions. With both investment and development capabilities Triten is uniquely positioned to capitalize on market opportunities.

Project and Construction Management

Utilizing methods honed over nearly thirty years in the project and construction management, Triten’s construction management platform employs best in practice process’ to ensure a project is on time and on budget. In addition, the real estate expertise of its partners allows for diligent and thoughtful master planning experience.